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SCOPE AND ACCEPTANCE Terms and Conditions ( "Terms" or “Terms and Conditions” ), listed bellow, legally defines relation between provider (Us) and visitors (you) regarding the use of web site content ("Website" or "Services"). Please read this carefully, since this text establishes an agreement between two sides, and you should acknowledge that it regulates accessing, entering and using the content from the site, and that you agreed with the Terms and Conditions. By this you comply with all related and applicable rules and regulations, regarding the use of the site content, including the Privacy Policy, and this document represents the contract in this terms. IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH TERMS DESCRIBED UNDER THIS AGRREMENT, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THIS SITE NEITHER USE ANY OF ITS SERVICES. IN ORDER TO USE ITS CONTENT AND SERVICE YOU MUST BE 18+ YEARS AGE. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: YOUR USE OF CONTENT AND SERVICES OF THIS WEB SITE IS COMPLETELY ON YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK. ANY PART OF THE WEBSITE - INCLUDING THE CONTENT AND SERVICES – ARE PROVIDED ‘AS IS’. WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CASES OF ANY DAMAGES OR LOSSES TO YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON THAT RESULTS FROM YOUR USE OF ITS CONTENT AND SERVICES. WE DO NOT TAKE NEITHER IMPLY ANY RESPONSIBILITY RELATED TO ACTIONS TAKEN OR DECISIONS MADE RELATED TO THE WEBSITE’S CONTENT, LOSS, INJURY OR ANY KIND OF DAMAGE CAUSED BY SUCH ACTIONS OR USE OF ITS CONTENT. USE OF THE WEBSITE AND SERVICES a) Website and related Content are available for personal and non-profit use exclusively, b) As agreed you will use the Website as set forth under the Terms and Conditions including applicable laws and regulations. You agree to take any responsibility for the ‘User Generated Content’ that implies any comments and posts created by you, as well as for the action that may lead to any damage or breach of Terms and Conditions. You make take into account use and rights of other persons, keeping in mind that your behaviour may not endanger them. We reserve right to investigate any alleged breach or improper behaviour which are not in line with Terms and Conditions, and to report our findings to law enforcement authorities. c) Any improper action or breach of Terms and Conditions may lead to your ban from using the Website in the future. We may also limit your use of the Website for any other reason and retain the right to terminate your use of the Website at our sole discretion. In this terms, we also reserve our right not to post or display any content created by you on this Website. d) We will not take any responsibility for storage of the ‘User Generated Content’ submitted or posted on the Website. e) Carefully read the appropriate Gambling / Casino operators websites' Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to find out which of their services you are allowed to use and to which rules you need to comply with (e.g. specific status of foreigners). COPYRIGHTED INFORMATION Please restrain from submitting any copyrighted information, including the User Generated Content, of third person. Do not post or submit information protected under trademark regulation. We will react an investigate any attempt of infringement of third party rights and will remove any content may be determined as such. THIRD PARTY LINKS The Website will incorporate links to sites managed by third parties ( “Third Party Websites” ) including commentaries and posts submitted there. These links might be posted by us, you, by other clients, Google AdSense or other subjects. We have no authority neither means of control to any Third Party Website that may be linked in and accordingly we cannot take any responsibility for loses or damages may occur as result of visit to those sites. We may receive commissions through affiliate programs operated by Third Party Websites, but our participation to any affiliate program operated by Third Party Websites is not an endorsement of any such Third Party Websites. HOW WE RATE Grading and ranking that exist on the Website and which include Content as defined in previous sections, combine recommendations made by users, their views, ratings and comments with our own grading and ratings that are generated through algorithms. In order to provide this information without charging it additionally, we might generate advertising revenues from service providers featured on the Website, including the service providers ranked and presented in our measurements for comparison. Therefore, we deny any expressed guarantees and warrants related to the marketability, suitability, incompleteness, applicability or relevance of the information contained herein. We will maximize our effort to update the information and keep them accurate. Website and related content are provided ‘as is’, and your use of and reliance on the information on this website and the online services are entirely at your own responsibility and risk. WARRANTY DISCLAIMER WE PARTICULARLY DENY GUARANTEES OF ANY KIND RELATED TO THE WEBSITE, NOT LIMITED ONLY TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND CIRCUMSTANCES THAT INCLUDE MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. ALL CONTENT ON WEBSITE AND RELATED RATINGS ARE CONSIDERS ‘AS IS’ AND YOU USE IT ON YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK. YOU SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM THAT MAY OCCUR AS RESULT OF THE WEBSITE’S USE. WE ALSO MAY NOT GUARANTEE THAT WEBSITE WILL BE AVAILABLE ON A PERMANENT AND CONTINUOUS BASIS. WE ALSO TAKO NO RESPONSIBILITY THAT INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THE WEBSITE IS TRUE, RELIABLE OR TIMELY, AND ALSO WE ARE NOT GUARANTEE TO TAKE ANY MEASURE TO CORRECT IT. Same stands for the content provided through the Third Party Websites, we are not responsible that information from there are based on facts. We make no warranty that you will find any Third Party Websites to be satisfactory or to provide any results which you may seek from such Third Party Websites. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY WE WANT TO MAKE CLEAR THAT ALL VISITORS, INLCUDING YOURSELF, UNDERSTAND THE WE WILL NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES OR LOSSES WHETHER THEY ARE DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, UNUSUAL OR RESULT FROM ANY ACTIVITY OR INFORMATION USE FROM OUR WEB SITE. THIS ALSO INCLUDES YOUR RELIANCE ON ANY DEAL WITH THIRD PARTY WEBSITES THAT ARE LINKED TO OURS. THIS LIMIATION OF LIABILITY WOULD NOT BE CHANGED EVEN IN THE CASES WHEN WE ARE INFORMED ON DAMAGES OR LOSSES. INDEMNIFICATION You will agree not to consider Us harmless and indemnify Us from or against third party claim that may arise from your own use of Website or its content, including any obligation or cost arising from claims, losses, damages (including potential), charges, judgments, lawsuit costs and lawyers’ fees, etc. CONTENT POLICY This Website is for the entertainment purpose only but also may include content that could be considered as offensive or not to meet everyone’s taste, and therefore you acknowledge to use it on your own risk. We are doing our best to regularly overview the Website’s content, including the ‘User Generated Content’), including that one posted by you, but we are not taking responsibility for what said before. It is solely your responsibility to estimate the content you are posting on Website, and we do not recommend or support any content which is submitted to the Website. You have all the rights, control and authority to submit content to the Website, but we reserve right to overview and estimate whether the ‘User Generated Content’, posted by you or any other third party, should be removed, and this include (1) pornography or offensive materials, (2) pedophilia, incest or bestiality; (3) threats of violence; (4) hate speech with reference to a race, ethnic group, religion, disabled persons, gender, age or sexual orientation; (5) violation of copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights of third persons; (6) the private or confidential information of third person; and (7) Spam, marketing for other services or products, malicious software code (including viruses or malware). MISCELLANEOUS If there any section or provision under the Terms and Conditions to be found as illegal, unacceptable or unenforceable, it should be reconsidered and excluded, as well as considered as non-applicable and replaced with a clause or provision as similar as possible in accordance with the common practice that is related to this field. The remaining requirements shall not be influenced by this and considered as illegal, invalid or unenforceable, and shall remain fully valid and in forceable. Following above parts, we reject any warranty of any kind and therefore shall be held harmless from all liability derived from the above points, and other issues that might not be envisaged in this document. DISPUTE RESOLUTION Neither party, Your or Us, will take part in a class action or class-wide arbitration for any claims covered under this agreement. You will agree not to take part in claims submitted by a private attorney or in consolidated claims that involve claims submitted by another person, if we are a processed party. The Federal Arbitration Act the document under which any dispute resolution will take part. Judgement may be made at any court having competent jurisdiction and practice. Nevertheless, the arbitrator will not have authority to award damages, remedies or awards that are in conflict with these Terms and Conditions. You must include your name and residence address, and a clear statement that you want to opt out of this arbitration agreement. If the prohibition against class actions and other claims brought on behalf of third parties is considered as unenforceable, then all of the previous language related to the Arbitration section will be null and cancelled. This arbitration agreement will persist the termination of our mutual relationship. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law, AND WILL SPECIFICALLY NOT BE GOVERNED BY THE UNITED NATIONS CONVENTIONS ON CONTRACTS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL SALE OF GOODS, IF OTHERWISE APPLICABLE. In the case you want arbitration in relation to these Terms and Conditions, you should do it in courts located in London, UK. Any cause of action you might have relating to the service is limited in time to one (1) year from the arising incident, and will be permanently barred afterwards. Failure of the Us to enforce any rights or to take action against You in the event of any breach hereunder shall not be deemed a waiver of such rights or of subsequent actions in the event of future breaches. AVAILABILITY The availability and operation of Website and its Services depend on many factors, including communication networks. We will not take any responsibility, neither guarantee, that Website will operate on continuous basis without disturbance or interruption, or that it will be error-free. CHANGES TO THE SITE We also keep our right to modify, correct, amend, enhance, improve, and make any other changes related to the Website content and its Services, on temporary or permanent basis. You need, additionally, to acknowledge that Content or Services related to the Website may be the subject of change, or extended for the sake of functionality, or removed at any time without any notice to you or to any third party. MODIFICATIONS The Terms and this Privacy Policy define the usage policy of the Website. We also may change these Terms and Conditions at any time, so you need to check its content and provisions on a regular basis. We may change them under our sole choice, by posting the amended version on the Website or by obtaining your consent to changes as may be required by applicable law. We will notice any change labelling it as ‘Last Revised’ and once you notice this and continue to use the Website you demonstrate your acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, those changes. MINORS To use the Website and Service, you must be over the age of eighteen (18). We do not meaningfully collect any information from children under this age and we reserve the right to request proof of age at any stage.